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Our social responsibility

Fresh air in all classrooms.

We strive to positively contribute to the society, also during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus is airborne. How to know if you’re breathing other people’s breath? The key indicator is the level of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the air. CO2 is the gas we exhale when breathing.

It’s known that monitoring the CO2 levels is helpful to see if a room is well ventilated or not. In a well ventilated room, there is typically less airborne coronavirus and all we want is less virus in the air! Unfortunately, most of the CO2 sensors on the market cost between 100 and 250 euro (economics – law of supply and demand). A school with 10 classrooms would need to invest up to 2500 euro, which is not always possible. Let’s change that!

As we are a fan of “Don’t complain, suggest what’s better”, we decided to support the open source Solder-It-Yourself project, started by RevSpace, so that anyone can afford this. You can even use the Control CO2 EDU kit as a STE(A)M hands-on activity in your school so that everyone learns to solder!

If you can’t stand the heat of a solder iron, don’t worry: we also offer 100% assembled NDIR CO2 sensors, made in Belgium and verified.

Get Involved Today! 

Donate a gift card to a school of your choice.

With your help we can make a CO2 sensor for each classroom a reality.