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We help companies to bring their innovative ideas to the market. But sometimes we also have some innovative (or call it crazy) ideas. And then we bring them to the market.

Some of our products can be bought in our online shop.

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Get Your Assembled CO2 Sensor

CO2 Sensor. Fully assembled in Belgium.

55,55 excl. VAT

Get Your CO2 Sensor Kit

Build Your Own CO2 sensor.

37,19 excl. VAT

Don’t forget Your Accessories.

USB Charger

Universal 2-port USB charger (5V, 2.1A).

5,99 excl. VAT

USB-C Cable 1,5m

1,5 meter USB Type A to USB-C cable.

3,33 excl. VAT

Or Give a CO2 Sensor As A Gift.

10 € CO2 Sensor Gift Card

Give a 10 € gift card to your school.


CO2 Sensor Gift Card

Give a gift card to your school. Define your own amount for the gift card.

10,001000,00 excl. VAT