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Control CO2 Sensor.

Certified NDIR based CO2 sensor with colour display.

2 versions: Do-It-Yourself kit or assembled product 

Our Mission.

Our mission is to have a certified NDIR CO2 sensor in each classroom!

For each assembled product you buy for yourself (or your company), a 10 EURO gift card is included. Donate this gift card to the school of your choice, so that the teacher can get a CONTROL CO2 sensor with your gift cards.

This way, you support our mission to provide any classroom with a CO2 sensor.

Thanks to the CO2 sensor, you can check the ventilation of your classroom or office space.



Do It Yourself.

To keep the cost low, ControlCO2 is delivered as a construction kit. A printed circuit board, CO2 sensor, display board and connectors are included in the kit. You just need a solder iron, some solder and a little bit of time to provide your school with CO2 sensors. 

It’s made so easy, even students can build it.

If you don’t like the heat of a solder iron, no worries: we also offer 100% ready and assembled CO2 sensors.


Low cost does not mean low quality.
To guarantee high accuracy, our CO2 sensor makes use of NDIR technology.

Accuracy: 40 ppm +/- 3% of reading
Range: 0 – 5000 ppm
Alert levels are configurable.


Additional accessories can also be ordered. USB power supply, USB-C cable, and one of our 3D printed enclosures.

Don’t have the capabilities to solder this yourself? Don’t worry, we can do it for you. For each kit we solder, you get a 10euro gift card that you can donate to the school of your choice.

Gift Cards.

You want to support your school with a certified NDIR CO2 sensor?

Buy a gift card that your school can use to get their own CONTROL CO2 sensors.

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