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We are evaluating many sensors and gateway hubs, and only the best quality products will be available in our Allóra Store (starting Q3 2016)

Allóra Device Management


Device management is about keeping a remote eye on your devices and about controlling your devices. It starts with the roll-out of your devices: identify devices, configure devices, update device settings. Our device management cloud solution is currently in private beta.



Design on Demand Service

The Allóra Design on Demand service offers custom Long Range sensor or actuator development. Our hardware, RF, and software engineers will be happy to layout the circuit, design the antenna, or write the code for your specific needs or target market.


Cloud Application Development service

Each IoT device has two message flows: device management messages and data messages. You will be mostly interested in the data messages coming from your IoT devices. Good news: you own the data and you are free to build your own cloud application. We will help you with your mobile or web-based application.




In our workshops we will explain you how this new Long Range technology lowers the barriers for your company. It’s time to stop exploring the opportunities: start to integrate Internet of Things or you will fall behind your competition.


M2M & IoT Consulting Service

We are happy to explain you what M2M & IoT can do for your business.




Internet of Things and Machine 2 Machine solutions focus on improving processes, and they will disrupt existing business models. 75% of the companies are already exploring the Internet of Things. The time is now to discover the competitive advantage that Long Range wide area wireless no-SIM-card technology can bring to your business. Your (mobile) end devices don’t need a SIM card, and a battery lifetime up to 10 years is possible.

Allóra Factory is thé one stop shop to turn your long range wireless ideas into reality. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs. Our hardware, RF and software engineers will be happy to layout the PCB, design the antenna, and write the code for your specific needs or target market. This is the Allóra Design on Demand Service.






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